Monday, May 31, 2010

Nearly complete App collection

In the short two weeks I've had the Foleo I have managed to compile nearly every available app. This is also the first 'real-time' post. The previous posts were all written about the status well after the fact.
My app collection as it stands now (not including the standard ones that came with the Foleo)
Astraware Solitare
Astraware Soduku
mDayscape Calendar
mDayscape Contacts
mDayscape Memo
mDayscape Tasks
Mobile VPN
Pocket Tunes
Short Circuit by TealPoint

I've read that the Logmein app was unstable. Curious how if I try and log into that site using the Web Browser it automatically crashes. I bet they've disabled that site in the browser's code and if my linux knowledge was better I might be able to address that issue.

A 4GB Sandisk CF card now runs as the internal memory. A 8GB microSD with SD adapter is secondary storage. I can run both an SD card and a USB flash drive at the same time.
I have yet to try a USB mouse.

Next post will discus my numerous games I've managed to place on the Foleo.


Richard said...

Hey, very interesting. Thanks for the blog. Would you be interested in coming over to Palminfocenter and answering some questions the Palm nuts over there may have. My user name i richf. Here's a link if you are interested. Thanks again.

Oliver said...

Most USB-mice work just fine. Even my M$ Arc-Mouse works flawless on my Foleo.

Arno said...

I just bought myself a secondhand foleo but can't seem to find Pocket Tunes anywhere on the internet? Where did you get this? Thank You So Much!

Spiorin said...

Cool seeing how you managed to put together such a complete list of apps. How did you get your hands on the mDayscape apps? I have searched for them, but can not find any for the foleo

Anonymous said...

Where can we get these apps ?