Saturday, May 29, 2010

First day 'On the job'

I brought the Foleo into work today (Tuesday May 18th). It was not noticed as I walked into the building. I'm known as a 'gadget' guy so normally someone asks me about my new 'toy'.
I loaded up a few word and pdf files that I knew I would need for a later meeting.
I left and drove the 30 minutes to the meeting.
I was able to follow along with the documents and easily switch back and forth to a word file I was using as a notepad. I can typer rather quickly and the feel of the Foleo's keyboard makes it effortless and reletively quiet.
I answered a few questions about the Foleo and demonstrated its instant on and off capability.

In my spare time I've been trying to track down whatever apps I can for the Foleo. TealPoint made quite a few programs and most were available on their website.
With some fenagling I was able to download them all.
Installation was a breeze - just click on the .hxp file using the File Manager app.
I installed all the Teal apps except Soduku since I already have the Astraware version.

The TealPoint programs:
Short Circuit is a twist on Tetris and is a good time waster.
TealBackup is a very simple looking backup program. I did a backup or two but have yet to restore a backup yet.
TealDiet is a nutritional diet tracking program. Have yet to mess with.
TealDoc is a document reader but is limited to simple txt files and most of my .pdb ebook files.
TealMover is a file mover. I don't know how handy this will be since the File Manager is capable of copying files.
TealPaint looks to be a very capable program but I have yet to mess with it too much.
TealSafe is a password protected database program. I entered a few items. Security seems pretty good.
TealTracker is designed for documenting time and money spent on work or projects. I don't know how much use I will have for that app.

I may do an in-depth review of each TealPoint program in the future.

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