Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm Back! Well sorta.

I've recently acquired two Foleos in 'As-Is/Untested' condition. After playing with them for awhile I've come to the conclusion that one battery is shot and the other is nearly there. One is stuck in a reset loop. It powers up and shows the black screen with a small orange palm logo. The logo is then joined by a small white 'loading bar' that, upon filling, disappears along with the Palm logo only for the Palm logo to return by itself. This loop continues. I did remember reading a reset hard button combo but can't seem to find it in all my old documentation. The other Foleo has a curious loading screen showing some type of boot info. "Welcome to MacGuffin !! MacGuffin EVT2 Board " is displayed along with many lines indicating a boot. The problem is it loops after trying to start the kernel. It does allow the list of commands upon interrupting the autoboot and the help command shows a list of other commands. None of the commands that it lists and that I've tried remedy the problem though. I'll play with them for a while. I still have all my old software saved including a copy of my CF card which my old Foleo would run from. If I could get one of these to boot from my CF card it might fix some issues. One of my issues I had while I used my old Foleo was the fear of not being able to fix any hardware problems that may have developed. If anything, I could help out a fellow Foleo owner or two with that.