Saturday, May 29, 2010

A few thoughts

I started this blog a few days after I had already obtained my Foleo. Since my last postings I have figured out a few things. I can do screenshots by holding Alt, Shift and 3. The screenshot is saved on the internal memory and easily read using the Photo Viewer.

I found an easter egg left by one of the developers.

I can use an 8GB micro SD card (with adapter) with the Foleo.

I can use my Card Reader app on my Palm OS Treo 680 to view the SD card in my treo by way of a cable connected to the USB port.

I probably will not be able to get the email app to talk to the Treo 680.

I did get the internet Bluetooth connection to go through the Treo without problems.

Both WiFi and Bluetooth DUN connections provide respectable speeds.

The quickness of launching apps is far and above better than any device I have ever used. Quicker than a brand new PC, Linuxbox or Mac. Quicker than my old iPhone, my Treo 680 or my wife's Pre.


UnwiredBen said...
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Anonymous said...

Can you tell us more about the Easter egg ?