Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Foleo Arrives!

Foleo Day 1
Got a call from the wife saying the UPS guy just stopped by with a package. I comp'd out the last 45 minutes of work and left early. The server was down at work so I could'd get much done anyway. Besides the fact that my mind was racing thinking about how the foleo finallly came in.
I get home, and sure enough... a box from the city the seller was from. It was it. I opened the box and saw lots of large bubble wrap and packing peanuts. I quickly cut the bubble wrap and there it was...
My beautiful Foleo.
I opened it, and immediately turned it on.
As quick and beautiful as I had imagined.
I turned it on. It had a decent charge still.
All my newer research over the past week or so had gotten me familiar with where all the buttons were and how to use the device.
Apps button - need to check what programs I have.
Both Astraware games on the device. That is a plus.
Drat! No mDayscape and its wonderful PIMs.
Only standard Foleo programs other than the Astraware.
Oh well, that will soon be remedied! I already downloaded all the TealPoint apps off their website. I do mean all- two or three are harder to download- the links are off a little.
I quickly load all those up. Fairly easy by using the File Manager app and just clicking on the arm.hxp file for each Teal app.
I then peruse the PDF viewer and Docs to Go apps. All seem to work without any issues.

I cannot believe how quick this thing is.
One touch and its on. Apps key and another 'shortcut' key and you are on the web or editing a file. My Treo 680 is not near this fast. Nor is my wife's Palm Pre or the iPhone I had for two weeks before selling.

Thats all for now.
More posts to follow.


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Janric said...

Wow ! You're only lucky guy. If you know any additional Foleo's running around, I'm very interested in getting one. Great Blog btw. Keep it the updates coming!