Thursday, April 11, 2013

I'm back again.

I've got my hands on yet another (this makes my fourth) Palm Foleo. This one may be the best one yet. It came with the box and VGA cable and is in great condition. I've run it through its paces and it is performing as expected. The only problem I've encountered is I cannot get it to connect to my home WiFi network. I know the WiFi works because I can get on my neighbors and the free network at McDonald's. I've already put all the software I had previously compiled and it looks like the only one I am missing from my last Foleo is the Astraware Sudoku. I have the TealPoint Sudoku though so that is good.
The web browser is Version 1.1.0 while my last was 1.0.0.
Pocket Tunes is newer as well as this one is v4.1.0.2009 and my last was v4.1.0.2003.

I purchased this unit with a good intention of reselling it. I may do a repeat of my last ones.

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ixle said...

I think the home WiFi inability to connect is due to my limited knowledge of wireless network settings. BTW - I've listed the Foleo on eBay. Should be the only one on right now.