Monday, June 7, 2010

Flashy games and widgets

My first Palm device was a m100 followed by a few Sony Clie SJ models. For the longest time my favorite was my UX-50. Like a mini-tablet PC with wifi and bluetooth. I had an application on the UX that allowed my to play flash (swf) files. It was more of a novelty due to the low processing power of the Clie. I did manage to rip or download quite a few flash files to try on the Clie. When I saw the Chumby appear, I downloaded various swf files from the Chumby website.
Flash forward to May 2010 and I have my Palm Foleo. With a limited number of applications and just a few programs I started to surf around for more options. Like a lot of people I have a Nintendo Wii that uses the Opera browser. In fact it, like the Foleo, uses the Opera 9 browser. I googled around and found various solutions to a few issues included a tabbed browsing and Stumbleupon workaround. I then discovered a whole slew of online flash games designed to use with the Wii. All the sites loaded rather quickly and about 85% of the games played with little to no problems.
Duck Hunt was one of those games.

I then thought back to all the flash games and widgets I had downloaded. I tried one (minigolf) and it worked flawlessly. I went to again and tried a few more. Some of the current Chumby widgets are for Flash 9 and higher so I was limited.
In the end, I have quite a few games and other widgets like news feeds to add to my collection of useful Foleo apps.

How do I play these files? Simple, Opera 9.02. Opera's Menu tab allows you to 'Open File...' but when you click around it does not recognize .swf files to open them in this manner. Rather, I had to manually enter the location of one file onto the address bar. Once I had one file up and running I bookmarked it into a new folder called Flash Games. I then changed the file name in the address bar, accessed a new flsh game and bookmarked it. Now, without an internet connection I can play countless games.
They have sound and run rather smooth. I even played PacMan while running pTunes in the background.


Oliver said...

Great post. I never thought about Flashgames on my Foleo :-)

How do you do the tabbed browsing? With a Web-Service like ?

ixle said...

Re: tabbed browsing, yes I've used that site for the tabbed browsing.