Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Video of the Foleo in action

After a few forum postings inquiring about the speed of which the Foleo turns on and off as well as quickness in switching between applications, I made a very rough video to demonstrate. The poor quality is due to my regular digital camera shooting craps. The fuzzy picture does obscure most of any personal information I might be weary of sharing.

Of note in the video is the slight delay when I opened the Web Browser. I was not connected to the internet and had previously chosen the User Manual which is viewed through the browser. It is a large file and does take a little bit to initially load up. I may soon post a video of just the browser surfing speed.

The mDayscape apps do hesitate before opening but all the others are near instantaneous. If you noticed the lack of reaction prior to the PDF viewer that was the Mobile VPN app. I'm not sure that application is working at all. It indicated it installed correctly but I have not been able to reach a screen allowing any settings as indicated in the readme file that came with the program.

All the Teal apps have nag screens as indicated by the progress bar. I didn't have any spreadsheets or powerpoint files ready to go as I should have in order to indicate the DataViz apps speed.

In a separate note, I found an external USB floppy disk drive and connected it to the Foleo. It does allow for read and write capability to those. I have an external CDRom but seemed to have misplaced the power cord.

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Chris Ulicky said...

Hello. My name is Chris Ulicky, from Cleveland Ohio. I've had a Palm Treo 650 since 2007 (well, not the same one), and totally love it. Just this week I acquired a Foleo on eBay, hoping to connect it to my 650. I was disappointed, but not totally surprised, to see that the Foleo first wants me to download updates to the 650 (including Versamail 4) from a URL it gives me that no longer exists. I have done much searching, but have not yet found a clue to how I can get those updates. To you have any info your can share with me?